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The oldest desert in the world, the highest dunes in the world, the second largest canyon in the world and, above all, the clearest starry night sky in the world – Namibia, the country at the southwestern tip of Africa, impresses with many superlatives. Twelve ethnic groups with fascinating traditions call Namibia their home. The country is twice the size of Germany, with only 1.8 million inhabitants. Endless space and silence, inspiring landscapes and a fascinating diversity of animals welcome travelers from all over the world. On the other hand, there are Windhoek’s vibrant city life as well as the art deco and colonial architecture jewels of the two coastal cities Lüderitz and Swakopmund.

Traces of German colonial times can still be found here: in the Café Anton in Swakopmund for example, where visitors may still taste it. Many Namibians still speak German today, which makes it very easy for visitors from Germany, Austria and Switzerland to chat with the locals. Although it has become a popular destination over the years, Namibia has kept its high-quality boutique charm fulfilling every individual traveler’s holiday dream. Without Jetlag. Only a night-flight away. All-year-round.

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