South African Tourism

South Africa is well endowed with a large assortment of wonderful experiences. You can choose to see the big five in one of the world’s most recognized national parks or go whale-watching at the Indian Ocean. Take part in any of the endless adrenalin pumping adventure sports; go shopping in the amazing city of Cape Town or take a journey to a deeper understanding of the country and humankind through some of the country’s heritage sites.

The South African landscape varies from the wide desert and endless scrubland; the beautiful patchwork of wetlands and coastal forests to numerous blue flag beaches on more than 3.000 km of coastline.

There is never a dull moment in the South African city life. During the day and night the cities are warm and vibrant as the people that live in them. Every South African city has something unique about it: Johannesburg is a city that was literally founded on gold, Cape Town – the Mother City – is where modern day South Africa started with the arrival of Dutch settlers and Durban is known for its balmy weather and fascinating cultural contrasts. There is a wide variety of entertainment for the elderly, the young and the restless in every major South African city.

Discover the endless variety of South Africa and get the Khaki-Fever!


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