Turismo Chile

Chile is the longest and narrowest country in the world bound on one side by the Andes mountain range and on the other by the Pacific Ocean. It has a spread (and coast) from north to south of more than 4.300 kilometres comparable to the distance from Norway to the Sahara. Chile can be divided into five geographical and climatic zones: In the north you will find the driest desert in the world, the Atacama, with one of the best views of a clear starry sky at night. Some of the best ski slopes as well as the most exquisite wine regions are found in the valleys and mountain ranges of the central region. Active volcanoes, blue lakes and green valleys fascinate visitors of the very fertile so-called “Little South”. In Patagonia and the Chilean Antarctica, all the way in the south of Chile, fossil ice and glaciers create a very special landscape that is thousands of years old. Its beauty is best seen on a boat trip from the water. Over and above there are the highly diverse Chilean islands: Chiloé is the biggest one with a rural structure and many myths and stories. Robinson Crusoe is the main island of the Juan-Fernández-Archipel in the Pacific Ocean. A Scottish seaman with the name of Alexander Selkirk lived there and inspired Daniel Defoe to write his fantastic story which was then eponym for the island in 1970. The most spectacular of Chile’s islands might be the Easter Island, called locally Rapa Nui which is the most isolated inhabited place on earth. It also bears on of the world’s most mythical archaeological treasures, the Moais, and has a very lively indigenous culture which reminds of the South-Seas.

Chile is a very secure travel destination which can be reached from Germany with several airlines, taking about 15 hours.


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