a&e erlebnis:reisen

The tour operator a&e erlebnis:reisen, based in Hamburg, emphasizes the contact and exchange of people from different cultures. According to their principle of “Face-to-face encounters” a&e erlebnis:reisen creates unique and authentic trips throughout the world. Even though their focus is on travelling to Asia, the tour operator programme includes different tours to the African continent as well as active trips to Central- and South America and boat expeditions into the Antarctic. A small selection of trips focuses on Europe, especially the Baltic countries. All roundtrips are done in small groups on top the team offers tailor-made tours for individual travellers.

The considerate and respectful interaction with the local population and the environment is one of the company’s key aspects and all tourism products must be in line with strict ecotourism requirements as well as fair trade tourism. That includes the careful selection of hotels under local management, which in return will support the local economy. Apart from that a&e erlebnis:reisen is member of “Forum anders reisen”, the governing body for sustainable tourism.a&e erlebnis:reisen has been teaming up with ZEITREISEN and the insurance company SECURVITA, as well as the WWF (Worldwide Fund For Nature) to create and offer joint trips to travellers.


Michelle Caroline Galfe
KPRN network GmbH

Hamburger Allee 45
60486 Frankfurt

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E-Mail: galfe.michelle@kprn.de

a&e erlebnis:reisen